3d Hand and Feet Casts

Using a natural seaweed based product that is perfectly safe, we create a 3D mould of the baby’s hand or foot. This can be done when baby is only 2 hours old. The thick rubber moulding material that is close to body temperature is wrapped around the baby’s hand or foot for 30 – 40 seconds, and there is no discomfort to the baby at all.  Meticulous care and attention is given to define every crease and fold to preserve those tiny fingers and toes.

All products used in the moulding process are medically packaged and totally non-toxic. Products conform to EU Directive 91/ 155 EEC as amended by 2001/58/ EC Netherlands.

Resin moulds can also be made allowing identical copies to be created – ideal for ordering extra copies and giving peace of mind should anything happen to the original ones.

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