About Us

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Moulding Moments is a family orientated business run by a mother who has three loving kids, Nicole, Brandon & Luke. When I became pregnant the third time around, I realised I wanted to be a mom at home, but still wanted to enjoy the opportunity of a wonderful career.

I have always loved working with babies (maybe that is the reason for having a third baby after 8 years) and creating this company after having been an agent for a long time in the business, has given me a fantastic opportunity to carry on doing this.

Over the past months I am delighted to say that Moulding Moments has maintained a very strong family ethos and customer care remains key. The business has allowed other people to come on board and we all agree that it is a privilege to be invited into so many people’s personal lives and be given the opportunity to capture very personal precious memories in a very unique way. Moulding Moments also appreciates that your time is very precious, so you can arrange an appointment at your home, or you can visit one of our agents. Working in close relationship with Netcare storks nests we offer the service in the comfort of the NETCARE hospitals and baby clinics.

Often approached with the words “I wish I had this done when my children were babies”…… my aim is to ensure that this is said less often!

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We spesialise in…

  • Lifecasting, hand & foot casting of all ages & pregnancy casts
  • Electroplating – gold, silver, antique brass, antique copper & antique nickel
  • Framing

  • Spesialised engraving
  • Mould making